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Fiji Tips & Important Information

Entry Requirements
A valid passport is required for entry. A tourist visa will be issued upon arrival to visitors having a passport valid for at least three months beyond the intended period of stay, an outward-bound ticket, and sufficient funds for the stay.

Due to the prevailing southeast trade winds and the surrounding seas, Fiji's humid, tropical climate is moderated during most of the year, eliminating extreme heat and humidity. Rainfall is heaviest from January to March. Temperatures range from an average of 88 degrees Farenheit in the summer months (December-March) to 83 degrees Farenheit in the winter (June-September).
Fiji lies south of the equator, so seasons are the reverse of those in the Northern Hemisphere.
Dress in cool, comfortable and casual. Bathing suits and shorts are fine at the beach, but be respectful when visiting villages, cover your arms and legs with a sulus (sarong), suitable for all occasions.
If you plan to trek, bring sturdy walking shoes. Reef walkers or Aqua shoes are an excellent idea for wading. Good sunscreen is a must.

Time Difference
Fiji is located in a time zone that is 20 hours ahead and four hours behind U.S. Pacific Standard Time. 10:00 am Tuesday = 2:00 pm Monday PST.

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The official language of Fiji is English. Fijian and Hindi are also spoken. Say it in Fijian:

Good morning ni sa yadra ni sah yan-dra
Hello bula mbula
Please ni sa moce ni sah mothey
Excuse me tulou too-low
Yes io ee-oh
Thank you vinaka vee-naka
No sega senga
Eat kana katinah
Village koro kohroh

Currency and Exchange
The official currency is the Fiji dollar. Banks are located at Nadi's International Airport and in each main city. Generally a higher rate of exchange is given for travelers checks than for cash. Hotels also exchange money but give a less favorable rate than banks. Major credit cards are accepted by the major hotels, rental agencies, tour companies, duty free shops and some restaurants.

Health Tips
Tap water in the cities and resorts is safe to drink except during periods of heavy rain, though we suggest using bottled water sold in all hotels. A good sunscreen is essential. As in all tropical locales, there are mosquitoes, so it is wise to pack an insect repellent. Fiji has no dangerous insects, and the mosquitoes do not carry malaria.

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Electrical Equipment
Hotels generally have 240v systems. For appliances such as electric shavers or hair dryers, a converter/adapter kit will usually be needed. It's wise to inquire at the hotel desk about the compatibility of your appliances before you use them.

Casual, lightweight, comfortable clothing is recommended. Moderate dress is appropriate to respect Fijian culture. Bathing suits should be worn only at pools and on the beach.

Fijian Culture
The friendly Fijians love to celebrate their time-honored traditions: kava ceremonies where the liquid yaqona is shared, lovo feasts with native foods cooked in underground ovens, and meke singing and dancing.

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Tropical clothing, carved war clubs, woven mats and baskets, face masks, shell jewelry, straw hats, kava bowls and tapa cloth can all be purchased in town markets as well as many local villages. Fiji offers duty free shops in Nadi, on the Coral Coast and in Suva. Stores in town are generally closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, and some close daily during the lunch hour.

Snorkeling, tennis, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, horseback riding, biking and hiking are activities available at most resorts. Game fishing is also available. Golfers will find a spectacular course near Nadi. Your hotel's tour desk can help.

Fiji is renowned for some of the best scuva diving in the world. Spectacular corals, caves and grottos, and amazing marine life that includes large pelagic species such as shark, tuna and turtles. Scuba diving is available at, or nearby, most resorts, and most offer introductory lessons as well as dive boat excursions daily.

A wide variety of accommodation is available. You'll find Fijian-style thatch roofed bures and cottages as well as deluxe five-star resorts nestled among palm trees and along beaches. There are no high-rise hotels, and most are no higher than a coconut palm.

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Air New Zealand and Air Pacific, fly to Fiji nonstop from Los Angeles. The flight is only about 10 1/2 hours.

Passports are required for travel and must be valid for three (3) months after travel.

Most international flights arrive in Nadi before dawn. You clear customs and if you are traveling to a outer island resort, Sunflower and Air Fiji both have flights that will leave within a few hours to get you to your destination with ease.

At the Nadi International airport there are shower facilities, a café with fresh brewed Fijian coffee and my favorite tradition, Toasted Cheese sandwiches.

Fiji lies just across the International dateline, so you will “lose” a day going, but get that back on your return.


A valid passport and a ticket for onward travel is required by all persons visiting Fiji. The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the intended period of stay.

A departure tax of $20 Fijian dollars per person will be collected prior to your return departure from the international Airport in Nadi. Make sure that you save enough money to take care of this fee.

Visitors are allowed duty free concessions of: 500 cigarettes or 500 grams of cigars, or 500 grams of tobacco, or all three but not exceeding 500 grams together. Two litres of liquor or four litres of wine or four litres of beer. Up to $400 per passenger of any duty assessed goods.


Fiji is free of malaria and rabies.

There are local hospitals in Suva, Sigatoka, Lautoka, Nadi and Taveuni; most small towns and built up areas have local government run clinics. Some private medical services are available.


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